Stages of construction of the first real estate object in Belarus
1. Introduction (search and purchase land for construction, criteria)
2. Clearance and land improvement
3. Preparation for construction
4. Foundation pouring
5. Construction of the frame
6. Roof and windows installation
7. Interior work (installation of floors, ceilings)
Provision of utilities and wiring throughout the property

Further stages of construction will be added in this article, as they are completed.

The first real estate object in Belarus. Stages of construction.

Before starting the construction, our goal was to find a suitable piece of land that met specific criteria:

          Proximity to the city (within 20 km)
          Distance from neighbors (nearest house within 1 km)
          Picturesque location
          Large territory
          Ecologically clean place

Bringing all of these criteria together was very hard! It took us several years to make a choice. Once we set foot on the land where the first project related to NFT and cryptocurrency is being built, we knew that this was the place we had been searching for so long! Additionally, there is a holy well on the property with delicious, always chilled water!

The land was in a very bad condition: old buildings from 1939, the entire area was impassable due to abundant vegetation: instead of a lawn, only weeds grew, and getting rid of them was very difficult, everywhere was overgrown with wild plants. All of this was because no one had lived or taken care of the land or buildings for a very long time. A lot of hard work was waiting for us at that time.

Two significant problems were: the absence of a well and a septic system, one of which was solved in the first year after purchasing the land. A 25-meter-deep well facilitated work on the project, improving the land and building the first real estate object.

But most importantly, there was no proper road to the property, so we had to build it ourselves. The road issue remains unresolved, as only a part of it has been constructed so far.

Наша дорога

A colossal amount of work was done, thanks to which the territory became well-groomed, the landscape became even and suitable for construction, and all unnecessary outbuildings were demolished.

The next stage was the selection of the project and preparation for construction. It didn't take much time, as we already had an idea of what we wanted to see in this place. Having found the perfect house that would be suitable for a sauna and relaxation, we ordered the project and prepared all the papers to obtain a construction permit.

Now, the main task was to find honest and professional builders who could perform their work quickly and with high quality. After a short but successful search, we began preparing for the foundation pouring for our building. Here we faced some unexpected difficulties: the soil on which the project was supposed to be built was not the best. 'Guys, you have clay soil,' the builders told us. Therefore, the decision was made to make the strongest and most reliable foundation - a slab on a sand cushion.

As a result, the excavator did its job to dig the pit, the reinforcement was woven, several dump trucks with sand were brought in, concrete was ordered, and the builders were in full readiness on land and controlled the pouring process.

After the foundation was poured, it needed time (about a month) to take the necessary shape and settle. It was in the middle of the summer, so every day the slab had to be watered to prevent cracks.

The next stage was the construction of the box from foam blocks. Fortunately, in the city of Mogilev, where the construction of the first real estate object is taking place, there is a plant for the production of such blocks. Everything was ordered and delivered to the place, and construction began! The builders worked very professionally and quickly. Therefore, after a few days, the first floor of the bathhouse-house was built, and the reinforcement belt was poured. After waiting for some more time, another batch of blocks was delivered for the construction of the second floor. Wooden floors were made between the floors. Construction did not wait long, and the second floor was ready, now it was possible to move on to the roof.

After the builders prepared everything for laying the roof tiles. The next step was to choose the tiles of the desired color and quality. As soon as the tiles were manufactured and delivered, they were installed on our construction site on the same day.

The first important part of the project was practically complete. Only windows and an entrance door were missing. Therefore, in the winter of 2022, we chose the best windows available in our country and installed them.

Застеклен и готов к внутренним работам

With the installation of the windows, it became possible to start the interior work on the object: installation of wooden floors, ceilings, and roof. Let's not go into detail about the work done, let's just say that everything went well.

The next stage was the connection of utilities (electricity and water) to the object.

Currently, no work is being done on the place due to weather conditions.

Further stages of construction will be added to this article as they are completed.

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