Hacienda NFT
About the NFT of the Project Resident
To develop the project and provide further opportunities for discounts, we have launched NFTs. We didn't just create 10,000 unique images, we also developed an entire system of discounts and privileges for the owners. Our NFTs have real value and application, which is not always found in other products. So, here are more details about our NFTs.

NFTs will have the name: Hacienda residents #1 Guest
Where Hacienda residents - belongs to the project
#1 - NFT number
Guest - resident status

Royalties (5%) - is the percentage that will go to the company upon resale of the NFT.

30% of the royalties received will be directed to the liquidity pool, which will provide the ability to exchange the HADA token for other coins and tokens.
20% of the royalties received will be directed to the pool and distributed as a reward to Hacienda project referrals.

Depending on the resident status, the NFT owner may receive a certain discount.

Resident statuses:
No NFT, payment in HADA - 5%
Guest - 10%
Lodger - 15%
Mayor - 20%
Ambassador - 25%
Senate - 30%

The resident status depends on the uniqueness of the NFT.

Example of cost calculation based on uniqueness:
A resident with glasses has a uniqueness of 10%, and there are a total of 1000 residents with this uniqueness. One uniqueness allows him to be in the Lodger status.

The cost of "Hacienda residents #1 Lodger" is calculated as follows: $100 + $90 = $190. If the resident has two unique features, the cost is added up.

The cost of "Hacienda residents #2 Mayor" - resident with a smile and money on his body: $100 + $80 + $75 = $255.

Number of votes:
Every spent dollar will be taken into account. For every $1 spent, the owner will receive 1 vote, which he can leave in the voting process. The number of votes is calculated from the initial cost of the NFT.

Uniqueness of NFT:
background 9%
face 30%
body 20% - with money
body-white 40% and others
mouth 50%
mouth-smile 25% - smile and sadness
eyebrow 20%
eye 25%
glasses 10% - with glasses
hair 25%
coins 5%
masons 3% - masonic symbol

Each Hacienda resident NFT has advantages that depend on its uniqueness. The standard resident cost + class and number of unique features are taken into account when calculating the NFT cost.

If you have 2-3 or more residents, the discounts do not add up!
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