Why we are

We do not insist that you choose us. Currently, the real estate project is already in the construction stage. Nonetheless, we will finish it through our own efforts and desires. However, we would like to expand our community and increase the ecosystem of renting country villas/houses around the world. The more people believe in us and join our community, the cooler, more successful, and correct our project development direction will be.
Real Estate

Together, we can build real estate around the world. The properties will be rented out and provide profits to all HADA token holders.

continuous growth

We anticipate that the value of the token, much like the value of real estate, will continue to rise steadily. After all, real estate consistently increases in value regardless of situations in the world.

The community is everything to us. With a great team, we can achieve incredible results much faster. Don't waste any time and join the project.
NFT resident of Hacienda

10,000 lucky individuals will be able to obtain the status of Hacienda project residents, which will allow them to vote and participate in the discount system.

Hacienda NFT

24/7 support

We are always ready to listen to you and discuss any questions that may arise. We will be happy to answer in any convenient way for you.

100% Satisfaction

Each participant in the project will not only be able to profit from a world-class business in renting country real estate, but also visit the properties themselves. Additional discounts and privileges will apply to NFT holders residing in Hacienda.

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Our team

Our team is involved in promoting, building, and supporting this unique project.
Become a part of the team, write to us!

Zdanovich Vitali - Founder
Founder & CO

Zdanovich Vitali

Kotosin Andrei - web, blockchain (full stack development) , project manager
Full stack development, project manager

Kotosin Andrei

Karabetova Stasy social media meneger
Social media manager

Karabetova Stasy

Flacco Philip - Chat Manager
Chat Manager

Flacco Philip

Dubinsky Vladislav - Design, development
Design, development

Dubinsky Vladislav

Who's next
Who's next ?
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