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This technical document describes current and future developments of the Hacienda.tech project and the HADA token. The HADA token allows holders to make decisions about the future development of the project. This technical document is available for informational purposes only and is not a final statement of future intentions. The information contained in this document has not been approved by any regulatory authority and may be changed or updated at any time. By publishing this technical document, Hacienda.tech, its corporate bodies, creators, employees, and any other participants make no warranties or representations of any kind, including with respect to the successful achievement of the developments or implementation of technologies, innovations, or any other actions outlined in this document.

We guarantee that the information in this technical document is accurate to the best of our knowledge and efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this technical document (including, among other things, all statements, opinions, forecasts, or predictions expressed or implied).


Plans and forecasts mentioned in this document may be partially or completely unrealized due to various factors, including but not limited to: changes in legislation or regulations, deficiencies in technology development, corporate actions, real estate and financial market conditions, as well as lack of full and accurate information. In the event that changes in legislation or regulations make activities illegal or commercially unviable in a particular jurisdiction, some or all of the plans and/or technologies described in this document may not be available or may be discontinued for users in certain jurisdictions.

The functionality of the blockchain protocols on which the HADA token is issued is under the control of third parties, and parties using these corresponding protocols are responsible for any failures or adverse changes to these protocols that may negatively affect the HADA token. Other risks, such as majority mining power attacks, double-spending attacks, or advancements in quantum computing, may threaten the security and usability of these protocols and, accordingly, the security and usability of the HADA token.


This technical document is not intended for distribution or use by any individual or legal entity who is a citizen or resident or located in any state, country, or other jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to applicable laws or regulations. This technical document is not a prospectus or a document for soliciting any kind of offer and is not intended to represent an offer of securities or an invitation to invest in securities in any jurisdiction. The information contained in this technical document should not be construed as professional financial, tax, legal or business advice or as the provision of any kind of advice.

By accessing this technical document, the recipient acknowledges that they have read and understood this disclaimer and agrees to the limitations set out in this technical document.

 About the HADA token

is an abbreviation for the Spanish word "Hacienda". This is the name of our unique project that was launched in 2021. It grew out of a small startup focused on generating income from rural real estate.

The decision about scaling and developing the project was made after 2022.

Hacienda (HADA)

: https://hacienda.tech
: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXCT4qXfJmCUUoiC5QBgsVzmLQDFS3Ukj7S9xqNaZPDzj
: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
: 0x7BDaf7a6E6eAa846b69Da14ED2C7CA7457069df3
Total tokens
: 100,000,000 HADA
Start price
: 1 HADA = $0.10 Whitelist

Each HADA token holder participates in the loyalty program and can receive a 5% discount on lodging in a rural income property within the Hacienda.tech project ecosystem. The maximum discount has obtained by purchasing an NFT resident.

Hacienda uses next-generation blockchain technology and tokenized incentives to offer its tenants prices that are 30% lower.

HADA can be used for payments, rewards and loyalty discounts, as well as in staking and profit from Hacienda.tech activities.

The issuance of HADA tokens is limited.


A total of 100,000,000 tokens will be issued.

This token issuance will allow setting a price of $0.10 for the Whitelist, which will enable anyone who interested in the project to participate.

10% - (10,000,000)
- Founder (locked for 3 years)

4% - (4,000,000)
- Developers

Various developers will be invited to the project under the following payment conditions:
Payment in USDT, tokens will be deducted from the pool/contract allocated for development according to the Whitelist price.
In HADA tokens.

All developers will be added to the project team with their personal information and contact details. Each developer will have an NFT of the project.

3% - (3,000,000)
- Marketing

Tokens allocated for marketing will be spent after the start of public sales. This will attract an audience to the project. Previously spent marketing funds will be deducted from the pool/contract according to the Whitelist price.

1% - (1,000,000)
- Whitelist

From 01.03.2023 to 31.03.2023, the Whitelist will be based on allocation. Each participant who passes will be allocated 1000 tokens to purchase at $0.10. This will provide us with 1,000 potential token holders. The total allocation amount is $100,000.

Liquidity protection: 10% of the tokens will be immediately placed after the Whitelist ends, and the remaining part will be distributed proportionally over 12 months.

To be included in the Whitelist, you must:

Subscribe to Twitter
Subscribe to Telegram
Subscribe to Youtube
and others.

You can find more information about the task here.
Unused tokens will be directed to the seed sale smart contract.

2% - (2,000,000)
- SEED sale ($0.20)

From 01.04.2023 to 30.04.2023, or when the tokens are fully sold.

Liquidity protection: 15% will be immediately placed, and the rest linearly over 18 months. The remaining tokens will move to Private Sale ($0.40)

6% - (6,000,000)
- Private Sale ($0.40)

From 01.05.2023 to 31.05.2023, or when the tokens are fully sold.

Liquidity protection: 25% will be immediately placed, and the rest linearly over 24 months. The remaining tokens will move to Public Sale ($1)

45% - (45,000,000)
- Public Sale ($1)
From 01.06.2023, it will be conducted on Pancake Swap by adding partial liquidity.

Any of the sales rounds, starting from the Whitelist, may start earlier based on the result of the previous round.

10% - (10,000,000)
- Payment to hodlers, staking.

Tokens will be proportionally distributed to HADA token holders from the contract/pool.

54,000,000 tokens will be available for sale at each stage in total. Staking will earn a 5% annual interest rate in HADA tokens. Staking is designed for 4 years or until all tokens are paid out.

9% - (9,000,000)
- Security/Safe

Will be used for ensure project safety and emergency situations.

10% - (10,000,000)
- Legalization and Coordination

Will be used for opening new real estate properties

Token allocation shares

 Problems and solutions


1. High entry barrier to business
Investments in income-generating real estate have been of interest to people for a long time. To enter such a business, a large amount of money is required, but with the Hacienda.tech project, it is possible to enter the business with $0.10.

2. Diversification
The market value of buying and renting real estate depends on many factors: political, economic, climatic, etc. This problem can solved by diversification.

3. Increasing jobs
For creating additional jobs to ensure the functioning of profitable rural real estate.

4. Decision-making
Collegial decision-making about opening new directions and places for further project development, by means of voting by project participants.

5. Ecological use of electricity
Rational use of electricity in cryptocurrency mining, through immersion cooling.

 Business Model


Daily rental of country houses for relaxation and events:

This business is not new, but it allows for up to 20% annual returns. Of course, each country has its own rate of return.

"As for the return on investment (rental income per year and the value of the property), it varies in different countries. For example, in Austria it ranges from 3.5% to 7% per year, in the UK - from 2.4% to 5.5%, in Germany - from 2.8% to 5.8%, in Belarus - from 8% to 17% per year" - according to Colliers International.

To calculate the business's efficiency and business model, we use the following formulas:

Formula for payback period.

Formula for payback period

The average construction cost depends on the location of the real estate property.

The average rental cost depends on the country where the real estate property is located.

The return on investment may vary depending on the number of rental days per year.

To estimate the approximate number of rental days per year, we have decided to choose the most popular rental days in a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3 (days) × 4 (weeks) × 12 (months) = 144 (days per year).

To calculate the occupancy rate of the real estate property, we use the following formula:

144 (days) ÷ 365 (days) × 100 = 39.5%

If the real estate property is occupied at 39.5% throughout the year, payback period will be 3 years and 6 months.

Let's consider an example using the payback formula.

payback formula primer

500 days ÷ 144 days = 3 years and 6 months.

Profit calculation formula:

Profit = (income - expenses) - 50% of the company's income.

On the graph below, you can see an approximate increase in profit depending on the invested funds in the project. Let’s use $50,000 as an example.

Increase in annual profits

Net profit will be directed to the token through liquidity adding.

Based on this graph, we can offer HADA token holders a stable and consistent income as long as the vacation rental business is relevant and in demand.

Based on our calculations, we can predict a 15% annual growth of the token!

Installation of mining equipment with immersion cooling technology in real estate properties:

In the Hacienda project, mining serves as an additional source of income and as a heating system for real estate properties. It is difficult to calculate its effectiveness, as mining is not constant and changes over time. Perhaps someday it will completely cease to exist, but for the next 10 years, it will be effective.

Let's consider some examples of mining profitability:

BITMAIN AntMiner L7, the cost of one ASIC ranges from 8000$ to 10000$

Additional equipment for immersion cooling from 500$ to 2000$

Calculating the payback period according to the NiceHash service.

Past earnings mining



From the calculations, the payback period for the equipment will be approximately 2 years. This condition will be met if the network difficulty does not increase and the cryptocurrency does not depreciate.

But it is also worth noting that we do not waste excess heat energy into the atmosphere, but use it for heating the countryside real estate. This, in turn, generates profit according to the profit calculation formula.

Иммерсионное охлаждение

At the initial stages, until 2025, mining will serve as the main source of income for the company. After the construction of the profitable country houses is completed, mining will become an additional source of profit.

Also, to ensure a quick return on investment in the equipment, a portion of the mined coins will be sent to liquidity/staking pools. The selection of pools/coins will be done through voting in the Hacienda project.

Each of the built houses will be equipped with mining equipment, of course, where mining is not prohibited by law. Mining is an additional source of income that will be distributed among HADA token holders.

During the implementation of mining in the profitable country house, we will install alternative sources of electricity. The profitability of mining and the installation of alternative sources of electricity have been estimated for a period of 5 years.

Other third-party sources of income that are not related to living but can potentially generate profit will also be integrated into the country houses.

The company's profit will be distributed and provided liquidity. Everyone will be able to exit the project or continue to participate further. HADA token holders who continue to participate will receive good profits, as the development of the ecosystem and the construction of new real estate objects will lead to increased profits.

 Hacienda NFT


Every NFT holder in Hacienda has benefits based on uniqueness, which allows the holder to receive discounts through the loyalty system. Additionally, NFT holders will participate in decision-making regarding business development and the selection of new real estate locations. You can find more information about NFT residents of Hacienda here.

During the early stages of the project development, until 2024, profits will be generated from the resale of NFT residents. The royalty rate is 5%. In the future, part of the royalty will be redistributed to the HADA token, and other part will go to the referral program.

Decentralized management

Community decisions will be distributed through "community voting". This function will increase the utility of the HADA token, further increase the transparency of Hacienda.tech, and expand the project's ecosystem.

Gradually, the decentralized model underlying community voting will provide a mechanism for determining the aspects of Hacienda.tech's future, with NFT holders being able to vote on how funds are spent in the community pool. Initially, proposals will be put forward by the Hacienda.tech team based on community input, with access to new proposals opening up in the future.

Proposals may include marketing, development, new directions for development, new real estate, or any other relevant topic.

The main advantage of decentralized management is the improvement of community interaction, increased loyalty, and expanded opportunities for participants.



Step-by-step stages of development of our project.

road map

The project has already started, and construction of the first real estate object is underway. We plan to welcome the first visitors in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2024. We would very much like the first visitors to the project to be from our community. You could see in person how the project is developing, what direction we are heading in, and what our goals are.

You can see the plans and stages of construction here.

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